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World Kidney Day 2016: Expert Consultation in Kidney Disease Hospital China

World Kidney Day is celebrated annually on the second Thursday in March. So this year, it will be held on March 10, 2016.
The theme of 2016 is 'Kidney Disease and Children', it aims to encourage ways to prevent kidney disease. It is also a chance to raise awareness of the importance to life of your kidneys.
To celebrate this event, a grand expert consultation will be held in our hospital(Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital of China)from 10th March, 2016 to 20th March, 2016. During this period, the nation's famous kidney experts will come to our hospital and provide free and professional help to kidney disease patients and their families. Based on a comprehensive analysis of each patient's illness condition, experts will suggest the most suitable treatment option and procedure to them.

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  • Zheng Falei,M.D

    Brief Introduction
    Born in January 1947 in JiangSu Siyang. In 1984,he joined jiusan Society. Once,he served as the director of urology department in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. And now,he takes the charge of the 11th Central Committee of jiusan Society,the director of the Central Medical and Health Committee,the 10th Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal Commission. And he is also the Professor and Doctoral tutor at CAMS(Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences) and Peking Union Medical College Hospital.
    Primary Specialties
    --The committee member in Journal editorial board of Chinese Contemporary Famous Doctor and Hospital
    --The member of the 10th CPPC
    --He attended the Medical Department of Chinese Peking Union Medical College in 1965-1970.
    --In 1970-1978,he was in charge of the attending physician in Jiuquan Zone Hospital
    --In 1978-1981,he received a master's degree in The Department of Nephrology Professional of Chinese Peking Union Medical College Hospital.
    --In 1982-1988,he acted as the visiting staff in Peking Union Medical College Hospital

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  • Wang Zhanping,M.D

    Brief Introduction
    Brief Introduction In 1970,he graduated from Shanghai Tongji University School of Medicine. Then in 1972,he took the job in Shijiazhaung Central Hospital Internal Medicine & Heart and Kidney Medicine. Up to now,he has been working as a doctor for more than 40 years. Now,he is the academic leader of Kidney Hospital China Therapeutic Center. Besides,he also hold the posts of vice chairman of Kidney Disease Professional Committee in He Bei Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute,standing committee member of the Association of Integrative Medicine and Director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute in He Bei.
    Primary Specialties
    In the 40 years of clinical research,he is skilled in Nephrotic Syndrome,Polycystic Kidney Disease,Nephritis,Kidney Failure and so on.

    Wang Zhanping,M.D
  • Sun Xincheng,M.D

    Brief Introduction
    Now he service as the director and professor in The Third Hospital,HeBei Medical University. At present he holds the office of committee member in Chinese Medical Association,HeBei Endoscopic society and the editorial board member in HeBei Medical University.
    Primary Specialties
    In more than 30 years,he is good at Urinary Tract Trauma,Disease of Prostate,tumour and so on. Besides,he has rich clinical experience in sexual dysfunction,infertility and Urogenital System Inflammation.

    Sun Xincheng,M.D
  • Mao Yan,M.D

    Brief Introduction
    She graduated from Medical College in LiaoNing Dalian in 1973. Then she had served in the PLA 27672 Hospital and Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in HeBei. And now,she is the Consultation Center director and Research Center deputy director of Kidney Hospital China.
    Primary Specialties
    In 40 years clinical study,she has a further study of Nephrotic Syndrome(NS),Lupus Nephritis(LN),Diabetic Nephropathy(DN),Kidney Failure and so on.

    Mao Yan,M.D
  • Shan Hongyin,M.D

    Brief Introduction
    At present,Shan Hongyin M.D is the leader of expert group and research group in Kidney Hospital China. Besides,he is also the deputy director of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Institute.
    Primary Specialties
    He is the famous expert on Cardiovascular Disease and Kidney Disease in China. He has engaged in Cardiovascular Disease and Kidney Disease for more than 40 years,which Involves in clinical, teaching, research and other fields.
    In clinic,he is skilled in stenocardia,myocardial infarction,high blood pressure,heart failure and arrhythmia etc. He also have high attainments on diabetes and cerebral apoplexy.

    Shan Hongyin,M.D
  • Zhang Youkang M.D

    Brief Introduction
    Born on January 22,1946 in Ningbo,ZheJiang province,at present he holds the office of chairman in Beijing Medical Association Nephrology Society and the vice director in Chinese Medical Association Nephrology Society.
    Primary Specialties
    He is very accomplished in kidney disease and has been awarded many prizes. In 1991,he was awarded "Outstanding contributions of Chinese doctorate recipients ". In 1996,he enjoyed the special government allowances state and since January 1999,he has been servicing as the president in First Hospital of Beijing Medical University.

    Zhang Youkang M.D
  • Liu Luchuan.M.D

    Brief Introduction
    In September 1975,he graduated from the Clinical Medicine of Medical Experts School. Then he successively worked at Wendeng First People's Hospital in WeiHai,Branch Courts of the People's Hospital in Wendeng and Wendeng second People's Hospital.
    In his early years,he had been studying in Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital,Weifang People's Hospital. At a later time,he had been participating in the professional study uninterruptedly to improve himself.
    Primary Specialties
    He is skilled in Chronic Nephritis,Kidney Failure,Nephrotic Syndrome(NS),Diabetic Nephropathy(DN) and so so. In about 40 years,he has accumulated rich theoretical and clinical experience to treat the renal disease.

    Liu Luchuan.M.D
  • Liu Dechang M.D

    Brief Introduction
    He has been working in Kidney Disease for more than 30 years. During the long-term theory and clinical practice,he has original ideas about Nephrotic Syndrome,IgA Nephropathy and Chronic Nephritis,etc. Besides,he is especially good at the treatment of refractory Nephrotic Syndrome and Chronic Nephritis,and so on.
    Primary Specialties
    M.D Liu is skilled in treating the various Chronic Nephritis and Chronic Renal Insufficiency,ESRF,Nephrotic Syndrome by stopping the renal fibrosis. In addition,he has participated in the popularization and application of new technology and published related papers.

    Liu Dechang M.D
  • Zhang Dengxi,M.D

    Brief Introduction
    Born in 1949,Zhang Dengxi is the ward director in Kidney Hospital China. And now,he takes office as the Deputy Supervisor of Kidney Disease Complications Group and the member of Nephrotic Syndrome Group.
    Primary Specialties
    For more than 30 years,he is mainly engaged in research and diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Kidney Disease. Besides,he has a set of unique medical theories and treatment methods on Nephrotic Syndrome,Lupus Nephritis and Hypertensive Nephropathy etc.

    Zhang Dengxi,M.D

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