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How to Self-Diagnose Diabetes in Your Daily Lives

2012-09-18 08:37

How to Self-Diagnose Diabetes in Your Daily Lives According to the data collected, 2.9 million Brits have been diagnosed with Diabetes and a further 850,000 are still unaware they have the disease in UK. Things go pretty similarly in America, over 20 million in the United States are affected by Diabetes, 171 million suffer from DM worldwide. Those numbers are still on the rise making the disease a major health problem.

Actually, some factors could help detect Diabetes all by yourself. For example, your family history gives you a hint that you are at high risk of the disease. Other than risk factors, symptoms of the disease could help recognize it early.


Diuresis forms due to high blood sugar level. When the level exceeds renal sugar valve—8.89-10.0mmol/L, glucose excreted through glomeruli fail to be re-adsorbed by renal tubulus completely, which leads to osmotic diuresis. The higher the sugar level is, the more the urine sugar excretion will be.


Plasma osmotic pressure becomes higher due to high blood sugar. To make things worse, diuresis increases the loss of water from urine causing intracellular dehydration. Elevated blood sugar is aggravated; therefore, a new vicious circle begins.


Due to the body fail to fully take use of glucose leading to its massive loss in urine. Under such circumstances, the body actually hungers for energy which results in polyphagia.

Weight loss

Although those patients eat more, drink more, still live with weight loss. You could also determine whether you are suffering from Diabetes from this typical symptom.

From lab results, we could also determine whether you have Diabetes or not.

Random blood sugar exceeds 11.1mmol/L (200mg/dl) or measuring fasting blood glucose surpasses 7.0mmol/L.

Normal fasting blood glucose is less than 6.1mmol/L

As for detailed info on how to determine Diabetes, leave a message to get detailed explanation. Different persons may have specific illness conditions, which require diverse diagnosis.

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