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CKD EPI & MDRD GFR Calculator - (With SI Units)

4 variable MDRD CKD EPI Equation (with SI Units)
using standardized serum creatinine, age, race, gender
by Stephen Z. Fadem, M.D., FACP, FASN
and Brian Rosenthal

NOTE: CKD EPI GFR is only valid with creatinine methods are traceable to IDMS

CKD EPI Value: epi

MDRD GFR: mdrd

(Age, Race, Gender, Plasma creatinine)

What is GFR?

Glomerular filtration rate( GFR), is the volume of fluid filtered from the renal (kidney) glomerular capillaries into the bowman's capsule per unit time.( ^ Physiology at MCG 7/7ch04/7ch04p11 - "Glomerular Filtration Rate") The GFR is usually the common way to measure kidney function and figure out one's stage of kidney disease. In the clinical trials, creatinine clearance is always effected by some factors, such as gender, age, muscle volume, reanla tubuke shedding. Creatinine is a waste product etabolized by the muscle. As usual, the kidneys remove creatinine from the blood, as the kidney function slows, creatinine will build up in the blood. The GFR is typically recorded in units of volume per time, e.g., mililiters per minute ml/min. compare to filtration fraction.

Five stages of chronic kidney disease

The best indicator of how well the kidneys are working is to have a person's GFR. The five stages of CKD and GFR for each stage, as follows:

Stage 1: (GFR≥90ml/min) normal kidney function, but suspected with slight kidney damage or disease, such as proteinuria, hematuria or kidney inflammation.

Stage 2: (GFR=60-89ml/min) mild in kidney function, people are already known to have some kidney damage or disease.

Stage 3: (GFR=30-59ml/min) moderate in kidney function, hormones and minerals can be thrown out of balance, leading to anemia and weak bones. Medicines and changes in food choices can be helpful to prevent or treat these complications.

Stage 4: (GFR=15-29ml/min) severe in kidney function, the patients should continue following the treatment for complications and learn as much as possible about the treatments for kidney failure.

Stage 5: (GFR<15ml/min) end stage CKD, also called end-stage kidney failure or established renal failure. When the kidneys do not work well enough to maintain life, dialysis or a kidney transplant will be needed.

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