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Golden cucumber – Narrative Text

Golden cucumber – Narrative Text

Golden cucumber - Narrative Text
Golden cucumber – Narrative Text

Golden cucumber

In ancient times a couple lived. They live in a village near the forest. They live happily. Unfortunately, they are not blessed with children.

Every day they pray to the Almighty. They pray that a child is immediately given. One day a giant came past his house. The monster heard her husband’s prayer. The monster then gave them cucumber seeds.

“Plant this seed. You will get a girl later,” said the giant. “Thank you, Giants,” said the husband, “but there are conditions, you must give it to me at the age of 17.” Giants said, “This husband really miss a son, so they choose without thinking twice too.

The farmer’s husband then planted cucumber seeds. Every day they take care of plants that start growing as best they can. A few months later, golden cucumbers grow.

Cucumbers grow longer and heavier. When the fruit is ripe, remove it. They cut the fruit carefully. To their surprise, they found in the fruit a very beautiful little girl. Her husband is very happy. They called Timun Mas’s baby.

Year after year passed. Cucumber Mas grows into a beautiful girl. Both parents are very proud of him. But they became very worried. Because on Team Mas’s 17th birthday, the giant returned. The monster promised to take Timun Mas.

The farmer tried to calm down. “Wait a minute. Cucumber Mas plays. My wife will call him,” he said, and the farmer immediately saw his son. “My son, take this,” he said, handing him a sack. he said. Then Timun Mas immediately ran away.

Her husband was sad about the departure of Timun Mas. But they did not want his son to become a monster. Monsters wait a long time. He became impatient. He knew she was cheated by her husband. Then he destroyed the farmer’s cottage. Then he chased Timun Mas into the forest.

The monster immediately ran after Timun Mas. Monster approaching. Cucumber Mas immediately took a handful of salt from his sack. Then salt is poured over the giant. Suddenly a large sea spread. Monsters have to swim hard.

Timun Mas is walking again. But then the Giants almost succeeded. Timun Mas took the magical item from his pocket. He took a handful of chilies. He threw it at the monster. Soon a tree with sharp branches and thorns caught the giants. The monster screamed in pain. While Cucumber Mas ran to save himself.

But the giant is really strong. He wants to catch Timun Mas again. Then Timun Mas produced a third miracle. It spreads cucumber seeds magic. Immediately build a very large cucumber garden. The monsters are very tired and hungry. He even eats fresh cucumbers with amazing taste. The monster sleeps when it eats too much.

Cucumber Mas ran back. He ran with all his strength. But over time, he ran out of energy. This is worse because the giants wake up from sleep. The monster wants to catch it again. Cucumber Mas is very scared. He even threw his last weapon, a handful of shrimp. Miracles happen again. Wide muddy lake flows. The monster slipped inside. His hand wants to reach Timun Mas. But the lake is muddy to the bottom. Big panic. He could not breathe and drown.

Mas cucumber is relieved. That is safe. Cucumber Mas returned to his parents’ house. Mother and Father are very happy to see Cun Mas. They welcomed him. “Thank you, Lord. You saved my child,” they said happily.

Since then Timun Mas has been able to live in peace with his parents. You can live happily without fear.

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