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Is Swelling in High Blood Pressure Patient a Sign of Kidney Failure

2013-09-24 17:03

Is Swelling in High Blood Pressure Patient a Sign of Kidney FailureSwelling occurs whenever the organs, skin, or other parts of the body enlarge. Typically, this is the result of inflammation and a buildup of fluid. While, is swelling in high blood pressure patient a sign of Kidney Failure?

Kidney disease caused by high blood pressure may cause swelling (or edema) as its symptom. However, swelling in high blood pressure patient doesn't necessarily mean Kidney Failure. Causes of swelling in high blood pressure patient include conditions as below:

a. Kidney Failure

Healthy kidneys help control the blood pressure by altering sodium and water absorption in response to changes in blood pressure. Increased blood pressure will damage the small arteries in the kidneys and decrease their blood flow. Then the kidneys will retain salt and water to increase the blood volume. This causes "volume overload" and leads to collection of extra fluid, which can cause edema of the body.

b. Medicines

Certain medications used to treat hypertension may lead to edema. These drugs include calcium channel blockers in the dihydropyridine class like nifedipine, ampodipine, etc.

c. Heart failure

Long-tern elevated blood pressure puts excessive strain on the heart, which may cause it to wear out and fail. Heart failure diminishes blood flow and in response, the body retains fluid in order to maintain sufficient blood volume. However, a failing heart fail to accommodate the excess fluid, so it is transferred out of the blood vessels and into the tissues, resulting in edema.

A high blood pressure patient may experience swelling due to the above reasons. So, it is necessary to seek medical help as soon as possible to identify the actual cause and take the best treatment. If you need any help, feel free to leave a message in the below or Email us at kidney-support@hotmail.com.

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