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Dietary Treatment for Recurrent IgA Nephropathy after Kidney Transplant

2013-03-08 17:15

Dietary Treatment for Recurrent IgA Nephropathy after Kidney Transplant  Once nearly all of kidney function is lost, patients with IgA Nephropathy have to rely on dialysis or kidney transplant to live. Generally, the diet for people on dialysis is stricter than the diet for people accepting kidney transplant. However, if patients’ IgA Nephropathy relapses, a dietary treatment for recurrent IgA Nephropathy after kidney transplant plays a vital role in the following whole treatment. Today, we are here to give these patients some diet suggestions.

Limit the intake of salt

High blood pressure is a common complication of recurrent IgA Nephropathy after kidney transplant. If uncontrolled effectively, high blood pressure will worsen patients’ condition. Limiting the intake of salt is necessary to low high blood pressure. Therefore, patients with recurrent IgA Nephropathy are recommended to avoid canned food, preserved food, hamburgers, fried potatoes, salty condiment, salty drinks, etc.

Eat more fruits that can help protect kidney function

Generally, fruits contain rich vitamin that has been proven good for patients with kidney disease. Enough supplement of vitamin especially vitamin C is able to not only improve their kidney function but also lower high creatinine level. Here, we recommend three fruits: cranberry, kiwi fruit and pomegranate.

Control the intake of protein

Excessive protein will increase the workload on the kidney and worsen patients’ condition, so correct amount of high-quality protein rather than high-quantity protein is good for these patients. 1 egg white, a glass of milk and 0.1kg of lean meat one daily are enough to meet their protein need.

In addition, nearly all vegetables can be consumed by these patients if their potassium and phosphorus level is normal. From the above, we can know dietary treatment for recurrent IgA Nephropathy after kidney transplant indeed plays an important role in the following whole treatment. If you still have some queries about whether you can eat some certain food, you can tell the kidney experts online and they will tell you the answer.

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