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How Much Water Should People with Kidney Cysts Drink

2013-01-15 16:35

How Much Water Should People with Kidney Cysts DrinkRecently published medical research shows that it is possible to slow down kidney decline and kidney cysts growth, while some people think too much water will increase the workload on the kidney where kidney cysts grow. How much water should people with kidney cysts drink every day? Should they drink more water than others? These questions have caused a lot of dispute. Here, this article will give a detailed explanation.

Usually, it won’t cause any symptoms until the kidney cysts are bigger than 4cm. Besides, small and simple cysts won’t damage the kidney function in most cases, so these people can still live normally with kidney cysts, that is to say, their kidney can still do a perfect job. At this time, drinking more water is able to help them eliminate the wastes fully but too much water may also cause some complications, so 2000cc of water is recommended for these people.

The amount of water should change along with the growth of these kidney cysts. When they grow out of the nephron and begin to damage the kidney function, the amount of water intake should be reduced. The reason is that impaired kidney can’t remove the extra water as the healthy ones. Extra water will increase kidneys’ burden. Measuring the water intake and urine output is the key to keep the fluid balance in the body of these people. According to relevant research, the urine output in the previous day adding 500cc is suitable for people with enlarged kidney cysts.

How much water should people with kidney cysts drink every day? Different stages determine the changed amount of water intake. If you live with kidney cysts, you should drink right amount of water since too much and too little are both harmful to your health. Besides, a healthy diet is also very important to assist the whole treatment for kidney cysts, so you can learn more from “How Do We Arrange the Diets for Kidney Cysts”.

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