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What Can You Not Eat with Kidney Cysts

2013-01-01 16:59

What Can You Not Eat with Kidney Cystswhat patients with kidney cysts eat is important in controlling the symptoms and slowing the development of the disease. What can they not eat with kidney cysts, now follow us to find the answer.

● Because high levels of phosphorus start pulling calcium from the bone, so patients with kidney cysts had better not eat cocoa, beer, milk products, organ meats and legumes.

● A low-sodium diet is necessary when kidney cysts cause symptoms of Kidney Failure. The body retains more fluid, which worsens the high blood pressure, if eating high-sodium foods when the kidneys are not working properly. So kidney cysts patients can not eat canned foods, table salt, seafood and cured meat ribs, corned beef, ground pork, pork sausage, ground lamb, fried fish, all regular cheeses, bologna, salami, Italian sausage, bratwurst and hotdogs and other salty food.

● Caffeine is a risk factor for enlarged cysts. Coffee, tea, colas and other caffeine-containing foods and beverages are poor choices for patients with kidney cysts. Water is the best choice, dehydration may incite kidney cyst formation, so patients are recommended approximately three liters of water a day. Depending upon a person’s heart, lung and kidney status, water intake may need to be adjusted.

● If kidney cysts patients develop symptoms of Kidney Failure, doctor may advise them to eat less protein. When the kidneys are impaired by the enlarged cysts, they are unable to remove protein by-products from the body, which leads to accumulation of toxic substances. Too much protein can make the kidneys work too hard. So patients with kidney cysts should limit the intake of foods containing much protein. Here are top 10 foods highest in protein: Turkey Breast, Fish, Cheese, Pork Loin, Lean Beef and Veal, Tofu, Beans, Egg Whites, Yogurt, Milk, and Soymilk, Nuts and Seeds.

In many countries, there is no cure for kidney cysts when they enlarge. The experts warn the patients with kidney cysts that on one hand they should keep a healthy and reasonable diet, on another hand, they should learn more about How to Shrink Kidney Cysts to Avoid The Decline in Kidney Function in Chinese clinical. Remember that you are not fighting against the disease alone, we will always be here helping deal with your confusions.

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