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Several Simple Tests to Tell Whether Your Kidneys Are Healthy

2012-10-04 18:04

In addition to urinalysis and ultrasound B, kidney function tests are also being done. Here I’d like to introduce these lab tests used for detecting whether the kidneys function well or not.

Our body secretes wastes or metabolic products when functioning. Kidneys work as filtering system to remove those kinds of wastes, toxins and excess fluids from blood. Medically, the amount of plasma filtered by kidneys in fixed time is called glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which reflects directly how well your kidneys function. We use the removal rate of certain marker to tell whether your kidneys are healthy or not. Take creatinine for example, it is produced by muscle metabolism, but could only be removed by kidneys instead of skin or some other ways. In addition to certain circumstances that may increase the production of creatinine, normal creatinine level will keep stable. However, kidneys may get damaged once the creatinine level elevates.

The increase of BUN (blood urea nitrogen) may indicate some kind of kidney problems. Nevertheless, many other conditions could raise the level of BUN, for instance, consume large amount of high protein food or dehydration etc. As a matter of fact, blood urea nitrogen elevates rapidly only after half of one’s kidney function is lost, which explains why BUN isn’t the ideal marker indicating kidney function. BUN has already replaced by serum creatinine in recent years.

Creatinine is produced by muscle metabolism, and is secreted by urine. Cr is rarely affected by diet or other factors, and usually stays stable. Cr accumulates inside the body when chronic renal insufficiency occurs, which becomes an important marker to evaluate kidney function. Plus, the creatinine level should be determined with the addition of age and gender etc. Strenuous exercise should be prevented before detecting serum creatinine since intensive exercise would increase muscle metabolism production and disturb the evaluation.

By those several lab tests, one’s kidney function can be roughly noticed. But if you’d like to know more exact lab results, more specific examinations should be done. Wanna know more? Feel free to ask! Our pleasure to help!

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