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The Morning Urine Is Good For Urine Routine Examination

2018-12-04 11:20

Urine routine should be the most familiar test for most nephropathy patients, and "urination" is also a necessary skill for every non-dialysis nephropathy patient.However, not many patients really know how to urinate.

Urine routine is not an exact test, and in principle urine can be used at any time.But because it's imprecise, it's important for people with kidney disease to be "more precise."

Urine suitable for examination: morning urine

In the urine of a day, "morning urine" is more suitable for testing urine, because after a night of renal tubule reabsorption, morning urine has been highly concentrated, often acidic, the visible components in the urine is sufficient and not easy to destroy, the most suitable for testing.

Still have, the advantage of morning make water is 2 lie in, after getting up in the morning, be affected not easily by the element such as food, motion.

But morning urine also has drawbacks:

Some patients have to get up every two or three in the morning.Or you can't hold back until five or six, but the hospital doesn't open until eight.

Another patient asked me: "from zero to eight, I have passed urine several times. Which time is morning urine after all?"

Be aware that urine is stored in and out of the body for too long and in poor conditions, which can cause damage to some cellular components and may affect the results.

So there are "good morning urine" and "bad morning urine" points.

The urine that suits examination most: 2 times morning urine

Second morning urine is superior morning urine.

What is "two times morning urine"?It is to get up at about 6 o 'clock in the morning, the first morning urine out.The urine discharged at 8 o 'clock is called second morning urine.

Second morning urine can also reflect many states of urine, is the most basic examination, it has the advantages of the first morning urine, exposure to the bad environment for a short time, to avoid the shortcomings of the first morning urine, test results are more accurate.

In addition, if it is certain special tests, such as suspected urinary tract infection, it is necessary to use the first morning urine, and wash the vulva.Most of the time, a second morning urination is the best routine urine specimen.

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