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Tests for Kidney damage

2012-09-11 11:36

Kidney damage test can detect the damaged part of kidney and its damage degree. It has the same effect with kidney biopsy. In that case, FSGS patients don’t have to do kidney biopsy and it can reduce the artificial damage. Kidney damage test can help doctor diagnose the damage degree of kidneys accurately and guide the use of clinical medications. Kidney damage test includes eight items:

Urine total protein

It is a index which reflects the barrier function damage of glomeruli. In general, the normal level of urine total protein in 24 hours should be less than 150mg/L.


It is such a index which reflects the early damage of barrier function. It is used to estimate the possibility of diabetics getting complications. mAlb <30mg/L is the critical value.

Urine immune globulin G (U-IgG)

IgG is a kind of immune globulin in the serum. The relative molecular weight is 160000. Under normal circumstance, IgG is not easy to get through the basement membrane of glomeruli. When a great quantity of IgG appear in the urine, it means the glomerular basement membrane has nearly lost its selection function.

Urine α1-Microglobulin (α1-MG)

α1-MG is associated with the permeability of glomeruli and reabsorption of kidney tubules. Compared toβ2-MG,α1-MG can reflect the early pathological changes better, especially the damage of kidney tubules. Nowα1-MG has replaced β2-MG gradually.

Urine osmotic pressure

Urine osmotic pressure mainly reflects kidney tubules, especially the concentration and dilution function of distal tubules.

Urine retinol binding protein (URBP)

URBP is the sensitive marker of early damage of kidney tubules, it has a certain value judgement to the curative effect of early kidney damage.


It is the index of renal tubular epithelial cell damage, and it exists on the brush border of renal tubular epithelial cell and indicates the immune injury.


It is the index of renal tubular epithelial cell damage, and it exists in the lysosome of renal tubular epithelial cell and indicates the inflammation injury.

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