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Some Kinds Of Diet For Kidney Patients

2018-10-05 13:33

To most kidney patients they must take the low protein, low phosphorus diet,thus to prevent the further damage to their kidneys,some people are confused to this principle,then i want to share something beneficial with you as following:

It is now believed that a low-protein diet begins earlier and is more beneficial to the protection of kidney function than a late start. When the endogenous creatinine clearance (Ccr) is about 55ml/min, a low-protein diet should be given, which is equivalent to 0.8g protein (0.8g/kg/d) per kilogram of body weight per day, while giving enough calories; When Ccr is less than 55 ml/min, the daily protein intake should not exceed 0.6 g/kg/d. Protein should be based on high-quality protein intake, such as milk and other dairy products, fish, lean meat, eggs, etc., carefully eat plant protein products. A low-phosphorus diet means that the phosphorus in the diet is limited to 0.8-1.0 g/d. Phosphorus is mainly contained in proteins and is naturally obtained in a sense from a low protein diet. Controlling the intake of phosphorus can prevent high blood phosphorus from causing bone softening.

Light diet, limit sodium salt.

Avoid eating non-digestible foods such as fried and fried foods, avoid spicy spicy foods, avoid eatingsho spinach, bamboo ots, leeks, etc., animal viscera, thick chicken broth, butter and other foods containing oxalic acid. It is advisable to avoid further deterioration of kidney function.

When patients have severe edema and heart failure, it is necessary to strictly limit the intake of salt, and even give a salt-free diet for a short period of time. This includes limiting salt and other foods high in sodium, such as soda crackers and floss. Patients with edema or hypertension should limit the intake of salt by 2-4 grams per day; Highly edema should be controlled below 2 grams per day, salted food should be avoided, and the amount of sodium salt can be gradually increased after the edema subsides. According to the analysis, every 100 grams of common foods containing potassium below 100 mg are: Beef, pork, chicken, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, melon, watermelon, pumpkin, loofah, tomato, taro, medlar, leeks, green onions, leeks, beans, oranges, apples, pears, etc.; Foods containing more than 200 mg of sodium are: Mushrooms, seaweed, fennel, winter vegetables, etc.

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