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You Should Pay More Attention To Toothache

2018-10-09 10:25

In Chinese words that shows toothache is very important to your health,but someone often ignores it,often toothache is not just as simple as internal heat

” The kidney governs the bone, while the tooth are the end of the bone.” The teeth correspond to the kidney and the gums correspond to the stomach and intestine. The upper gingiva corresponds to the stomach meridian, the lower gingiva corresponds to the intestine meridian, the canine teeth belong to the kidney meridian, and the molar teeth belong to the spleen and stomach meridian. Correspondence between toothache and the fire of the internal organs: The upper four front teeth related to heart fire, the lower front four teeth are kidney fire, the right upper teeth are stomach, intestine fire, the right lower teeth are lung fire, the left upper teeth are bile fire, and the left lower teeth are liver fire.

“The human body is suffering from liver and kidney loss, the teeth are not enough to nourish, the yin deficiency leads to impotence, the fire on the virtual fire, the burning gums, the bone marrow emptiness, will cause tooth floating, pain, etc. ”

Volume III of the Dialectical Record says: People have tooth pain, which gets worse in the night, and those who are too hurt to lie down. This is because of the kidney fire, but the kidney fire, is not the real fire. The main bone of the kidney (including the pulp), the teeth are the bones’ end, the kidneys are open to the ears, and the gums correspond to the spleen and stomach of the five internal organs.

” The kidney governs the bone, while the teeth are the end of the bone” shows that the kidney and the bone are closely related, and the extra bones of the human body grow into teeth, ” From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the teeth are bones, and whether the essence of the kidney is sufficient or not is related to the health of the teeth. ”

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