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Drinking Can Do Harm To Polycystic Kidney Patients

2018-10-10 10:48

In China many people like drinking wines when their relatives and friends accumulate together or in the festival day,but to kidney patients the drinking is harm to their kidney condition,as a kidney doctor i will share something useful with you as following,and tell you what effect does drinking have on the treatment of polycystic kidney disease.

Polycystic kidney patients usually have kidney damage of different degrees, and long-term drinking can bring many harms to the human body. Alcohol can stimulate the kidney greatly and accelerate the secretion of fluid in the kidney cyst, thus aggravating the growth of the cyst and causing the polycystic kidney disease to recur.

The recovery of kidney diseases such as polycystic kidney and renal cyst also requires a good environment in the body. However, frequent drinking can raise blood pressure. Drinking too much will result in the loss of bound water in the cells. Hyperactivity of creatine metabolism in muscles increases serum creatinine. When alcohol decomposes, it can produce acidic substances, which can lead to metabolic acidosis, manifested as nausea, loss of appetite, depression, headache and other symptoms. Long – term drinking can lead to anemia, platelet dysfunction and various bleeding. This will lead to poor gastrointestinal absorption, reduced utilization of vitamin B1, B2 and folic acid by the body due to lack of nutrition, and increased discharge of vitamin B6. It can also lead to hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, etc. These are the hazards of drinking to the whole body and are not good for the recovery of polycystic kidney.

As to the above comments about the drinking of harmful effect to your kidney condition,you can benefit from it ,and if you have similar condition please contact us through the following message and our experts can provide service in time:

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