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Lupus Nephritis with High Creatinine Level What Foods Can Patient Eat

2015-01-19 11:06

Lupus Nephritis with High Creatinine Level What Foods Can Patient EatWhat food can Lupus Nephritis with high creatinine level patient eat ? After people got sick, they always have poor appetitie but at the same time they have to eat as much as they can to supply enough nutrition for their body. So here is the question, what kind of foods can supply enough nutrition without make further damage to their body ?

Most of the patients with Lupus Nephritis will experience edema and Hormonotherapy will aggravate it, so for this part of patient they should control the intake of salt and water, so s to avoid the disease goes worse.

In genarally, people with Lupus Nephritis should avoid to eat the following food:

1. Seefood, it is a kind of stimulating food, after the patient ate some of it, the allargic reaction will occur or getting worsen

2. Foods like mutton may make patient more uncomfortable

3.Vegetables like careway and celery will make the red spot more obvious

4. Spicy foods like chili, green onion and garlic also will induce the disease goes worse.

But for different people their diet should be different because they have different disease condition.

5. Food with high protein also should be avoid, that is helpful for lower the high creatinine level.

But remember that only a fit diet plus a good therapy can control the disease well, so you also should take timely treatment during keeping fit diet. The principal goal of therapy in lupus nephritis is to normalize renal function or, at least, to prevent the progressive loss of renal function. Therapy differs, depending on the pathologic lesion.

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