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Why Proteinuria Is Easy To Relapse After Stop Medicine

2019-02-24 10:05

Stop Medicine,Proteinuria,RelapseThe problem of proteinuria difficulty has troubled many patients. Basically, most patients have different degrees of proteinuria in the early stage. The severity of proteinuria is related to the degree of impaired renal function and is also affected by different pathological types.

Relatively speaking, with the development of renal function to a certain extent, proteinuria will also stabilize at the corresponding level. After hormone and immunosuppressive drugs, most patients can control less than 1g, and patients with mild conditions can be reduced to less than 0.5g or even completely recovered.

Why do some patients "rebound" once they stop taking drugs? Two reasons are often overlooked:

1. Improper use of hormones

Hormone + immunosuppressive agent is the main treatment for proteinuria in most Kidney Friends. Whether the use of hormone is reasonable or not directly affects the treatment of proteinuria. There are two common problems in hormone therapy: dose and duration.

The dosage includes two aspects, dosage and reduction. Hormone therapy generally emphasizes the principle of early adequate medication and late slow reduction, but some kidney friends often cause inadequate medication because of side effects or inappropriate use of drugs by doctors. Later, the situation of drug reduction is too fast. Although taking medicine, it can only reach about 50%. If the treatment is not thorough, it will cause the phenomenon of drug discontinuation and recurrence.

The length of medication also involves hormone reduction. Generally, the reduction begins in 2-4 weeks after the recovery of albuminuria. The principle is that each reduction is one tenth less than the last one. In order to maintain the stability of proteinuria for a long time and not cause damage to renal function, hormone medication is mostly used for two years, but there are also cases of patients who stop medication in advance when their condition improves. In a word, the problem of medication is urgent.

2. Too low immunity

Proteinuria is difficult to descend, in addition to hormone problems, low immunity is the most critical reason. The causes of low immunity are the kidney disease itself and the medication of immunosuppressive drugs.

Too low immunity will lead to intrarenal inflammation difficult to eliminate. Active inflammation will cause kidney cell death, renal function decline, proteinuria will increase, thus forming a vicious circle. Kidney function is impaired and it is difficult to restore immunity completely, but it is also beneficial to stabilize proteinuria if it can be maintained stable.

To maintain immunity stability, Kidney Friends should do two things well:

Improving Immunity-Paying Attention to the Management of Daily Life

Dietary intake of protein, vitamins and cellulose should be guaranteed, and all kinds of food should be eaten, including meat, eggs, milk, fresh vegetables and fruits. Comprehensive nutrition is more conducive to enhancing immunity and anti-infective ability. Other aspects of attention to drinking more water, regular work and rest, hard exercise, good mood also helps to maintain immunity, not smoking, drinking, abusing antibiotics and other drugs.

Avoiding Decreased Immunity - Preventing Infection

Infection is an important factor in the recurrence of nephropathy and proteinuria. Infection includes many kinds, respiratory tract infection is the most common such as cold, acute pharyngitis, and oral infection such as periodontitis, urinary infection such as kidney stones. Every infection will aggravate the damage of renal function, so keep proteinuria stable and try to avoid infection.

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