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The Harm Effect To Your Health As You Have Uremia

2018-10-21 11:01

In terms of digestive system, uremic esophagitis, gastritis and colitis are more common. Urea accumulated in the body is discharged into the digestive tract, and ammonia is formed in the intestine by the action of bacterial urease, which can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa to cause cellulose inflammation and even ulcer and bleeding.

In terms of heart and lung, hypertension caused by water and sodium retention, renal ischemia and increased renin secretion can cause heart failure in the long run, and heart failure can cause pulmonary edema.

In terms of hematopoietic system, the main changes are anemia and hemorrhage. Anemia is mainly due to insufficient production of erythropoietin during severe renal tissue damage, while hemorrhage is mainly due to toxic substances inhibiting bone marrow and reducing platelet production.

The patient’s bone system will also be severely damaged by uremia, mainly manifested as hypocalcemia, which is caused by the decrease of phosphate excretion function in the patient’s kidney, the increase of phosphate concentration in the blood, and the decrease of calcium concentration.

In the nervous system, a large amount of urea deposits in the brain tissue and an increase in osmotic pressure can cause brain edema, sometimes a little bleeding and a small softening focus. Toxic substances can also damage nerve cells and cause degeneration of nerve cells. Increased vascular permeability aggravates brain edema. Patients with advanced uremia may suffer from lethargy, convulsions, stupor, coma and other symptoms.

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