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What Kinds Of Diet Help Relieve Symptoms In Renal Failure

2019-01-31 14:00

Renal Failure,Relieve Symptoms,DietRenal Failure is a disease that endangers the health of kidneys. Whether people have renal failure or not, we should pay attention to it seriously.

If you find symptoms similar to renal failure, please take time to treat them. In order to avoid the harm of renal failure, today we have a specific understanding of the disease of renal failure.

Patients with renal failure may have nausea, vomiting, fatigue, anemia, etc. Uremia will occur if the disease continues to deteriorate. Renal failure patients also have symptoms such as swelling of face and legs, itching of skin, and edema of feet. Some patients also have severe back pain and can not sit for a long time.

As a result of long-term kidney overwork, suffering from renal failure, swelling of legs and feet, blood pressure will also increase with the aggravation of the disease, serious patients will gradually lose weight.

The symptoms of renal failure can be manifested in the following aspects:

1. Contralateral renal compensatory enlargement is uncommon, but renal blood flow increases in most cases.

2. Renal artery is severely narrowed and blood flow can not be detected, but the blood supply of kidney is still good through collateral circulation, so the diseased kidney will not atrophy seriously.

3. Renal artery stenosis with weakened or disappeared dorsal artery pulsation is uncommon.

4. On isotope nephrogram, the development of diseased kidney was delayed and the excretion was slowed down. The abnormal excretion function of kidney appeared first, and the blood flow of kidney decreased or disappeared obviously.

5. Unilateral renal failure caused by congenital renal dysplasia, renal tuberculosis and chronic pyelonephritis generally does not lead to hypertension, but renal artery stenosis often causes hypertension by activating renin-angiotensin-steroid system and raising plasma renin level.

What foods are good for the health of acute renal failure?

Staple foods and beans mainly include oats, sorghum rice, red adzuki beans, corn flour, wheat starch, rice, millet and so on.

Meat, egg and milk mainly include chicken, white duck, wild duck, blue, grass carp, carp, crucian carp, black, frog, milk, eggs and so on.

Vegetables include mustard, lettuce, green pepper, balsam pear, Chinese cabbage, winter melon, cucumber, eggplant, bamboo shoots, yellow cauliflower, laver, and Flammulina velutipes.

Fruits mainly include: hairpin, apple, orange manuscript, strawberry, watermelon, kiwifruit, grape, pineapple, water chestnut, peach and so on.

What foods should not be eaten in patients with acute renal failure?

Control salt strictly. According to the different conditions of the disease, we should not eat salt or less salt, avoid salted vegetables and ricot products.

Avoid spicy and irritating foods. Foods such as pepper, pepper, curry, spices and mustard that stimulate the kidney should be banned.

Avoid high-fat foods. It is not appropriate to eat fatty meat, egg yolk, animal liver and other high-fat, high-cholesterol food.

Vegetable protein of Jitai. Soybean, soymilk, tofu and so on are not publicized.

It is not suitable to eat pork head, sardines, etc.

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