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Different Symptoms among Renal Failure Patients

2012-10-16 09:05

Renal Failure can be divided into two types, chronic and acute one. Acute kidney Injury has a sudden onset and requires immediate treatments so as to reverse it or regain your kidney function. On the other hand, Chronic Kidney Injury progresses slowly with time. Normally speaking, the disease develops latently over years, months or days so damages are hardly to be reversed when you find it.

Symptoms of Kidney Failure are non-specific, meaning other diseases can have those symptoms too. They are:

Swelling around eyelids, ankles, legs or face may become one of the most common symptoms of renal injury.

Nausea and vomiting

Renal Failure patients often suffer from nausea, vomiting or poor appetite resulting from digestive tract problems.

Fatigue and weakness

Anemia occurs commonly in people with Kidney Failure resulting from insufficient EPO (a steroid made by healthy kidneys.) this EPO thing signals your bone marrow to produce red blood cells. Without adequate red blood cells, anemia occurs. Whatever weakness or fatigue is the consequence of anemia caused by malfunctioned kidneys.

Changes in urine output

Itchy skin

Itchy skin can be caused by accumulated toxins that stimulate skin. It could also triggered by the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in blood. Why would this imbalance happen? This is because malfunctioned kidneys fail to regulate the balance of calcium and phosphorus, and then low calcium and high phosphorus occur. Other than this, high parathyroid level also leads to itching.

Chest pain

Chest pain often indicates fluid accumulates around the lining of the heart and could possibly threaten your life security.

Shortness of breath

When patients with Renal Failure go through shortness of breath, it signals the fluid accumulates in the lungs.

High blood pressure

Damaged kidneys would result in high blood pressure; the other way round, hypertension leads to kidney diseases too. Therefore, if you get elevated blood pressure, keeping an eye open for your kidney health will be necessary. Reversely, one has Renal Failure could possibly get hypertension in the end.

Muscle twitches and cramps, difficult in concentrating, drowsiness, confusion or numbness in hands or feet.

Those symptoms are brain and nervous system problems, meaning accumulated toxins or wastes have already affected your nervous system.

Ammonia odor

People with Renal Failure are often tired of breath odor, which is caused by toxins buildup in respiratory tract.

Sleep problems

Insomnia, restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea etc. all could cause sleep problems.

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