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Difficulty Urination Often Occurs To Renal Failure Patients

2018-08-16 14:41

When you have kidney failure your urination will have great change in urine volume.Reduced urine volume, difficulty urinating and complete cold and obstructed urination. .. For those who have difficulty urinating due to deficiency of yin deficiency, fever, sweating, vomiting and diarrhea, and blood loss, the treatment should be treated based on nourishing yin and blood, and should not be conducive to diuresis. Zengye decoction, renshen yangrong decoction, shiquan Dabu decoction, etc. should be used. For those who are unable to urinate due to the loss of lung qi, spleen deficiency, kidney failure, triple energizer’s refusal to blaspheme and other causes, it is advisable to administer forensic medicine such as ventilating lung qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, warming and tonifying kidney, dredging triple energizer, etc.

The recipe uses sheng mai San plus platycodon grandiflorum, Shi pi yin, ba Wei wan, Shu chisel yin zi, etc. For those who have difficulty urinating due to the accumulation of hot gas in the lung, the accumulation of heat in the bladder, the stagnation of qi, the blockage of waterways by blood stasis, the deficiency of kidney essence, and cell turnover, methods such as clearing the lung, draining heat, regulating qi, removing blood stasis, warming the kidney, and promoting urination can be used respectively. Generally, there is no pain, and those who are serious will suffer from lung obstruction. .. .. If the urine is impassable, it will invade the spleen and stomach upwards and swell up; if it invades muscles outwards, it will swell up; if it floods the middle energizer, it will vomit; if it reaches the upper energizer, it will cause short in breath; if it is impassable for a few days, it will be forced into embarrassment and will be in danger.”

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