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Relieve Proteinuria And Improve Renal Functions In Kidney Failure

2019-03-10 13:58

Improve Renal Functions,Kidney Failure,Relieve Proteinuria,A young Kidney Disease patient came for a review. Before he was discharged from hospital, all the indicators had improved, the quantity of proteinuria had dropped to 0.18g, and the renal function was stable. However, the quantity of proteinuria had risen to 1g in this reexamination, and the amount of proteinuria had increased slightly in just three months.

Why does albuminuria recur easily?

On the one hand, nephropathy itself has the characteristics of high recurrence, which is related to its complicated pathogenesis, difficult diagnosis, difficult treatment, long course of disease, long treatment cycle and other factors. On the other hand, in addition to the factors existing in these diseases, some behavior habits of nephrophiles also affect the outcome of the disease, and then affect the situation of proteinuria.

This time, we learned that although the patient took anti-inflammatory and anti-protein drugs such as hormones on time, he did not do well in diet and other living habits during the Chinese New Year, which eventually led to a small increase in proteinuria.

In fact, there are not a few such patients. Although they advise all aspects of attention before discharge, there are still some patients who "discount" in the implementation process, which has laid a hidden danger for the treatment of the disease.

Reminds the nephropathy patient again, reduces the protein besides must insist on taking medicine, more also needs to cooperate with the life management.

What are the three ways to help relieve proteinuria and improve renal functions?

1. Improve autoimmunity

Low immunity is a common disease in all patients with nephropathy, and it is also one of the reasons for easy recurrence of proteinuria. Poor immunity causes infection, accelerates immune inflammation, and then leads to proteinuria recurrence.

To improve immunity, Kidney Friends should improve their diet reasonably and ensure adequate nutrition intake. Secondly, they should not only stay at home, lie down or sit down, exercise appropriately to strengthen their health and body. Thirdly, they should maintain a healthy and good mood. They should not be too entangled with their illness and relax themselves properly, so as to maintain a strong immunity. These are things that doctors can't do for you, they can only rely on patients to adjust and manage themselves.

2. Take medicine on time and in quantity

Taking hormones as an example, hormone drugs can effectively reduce inflammation and protein in most Kidney Friends. But the premise is that long-term adherence to medication, long treatment cycle, general protein negative still need to adhere to take 1-2 years. But some kidney friends worry about side effects, affecting life, sometimes lazy to eat less, and sometimes just eat a small pill may lead to a relapse, the whole treatment in vain.

Whether it is traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, add or subtract medicine, stop medicine, change medicine should comply with the doctor's advice, Kidney Friends should remember not to arbitrarily use drugs.

3. Adhere to a high-quality low-protein diet

For patients with massive proteinuria, the principle of a high-quality low-protein diet must be observed. The principle of "high quality" can alleviate the hypoproteinemia of patients so as to avoid malnutrition and aggravating infection. The principle of "low protein urine" is to avoid taking too much protein to aggravate protein leakage and damage renal function.

High-quality protein mainly comes from meat, eggs, milk and beans. Kidney friends should not only eat vegetarian food, but also mix these foods properly. The specific intake can be calculated according to their own conditions. Usually 1.0-1.2 g per kilogram of body weight per day can be taken in, and the daily intake of a normal weight and height patient is between 65g and 85g. Previous patients did not follow the principle of high-quality low-protein diet, resulting in excessive intake, overnutrition, immune inflammation, secondary proteinuria recurrence.

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