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Does Foam In Urine Mean Proteinuria Of Kidney Failure

2019-05-13 10:28

Kidney Failure,Foam In Urine,ProteinuriaMany people in life are scared of foam in urine, and worry about having albuminuria due to Kidney Failure.

Is there a bubble in urine that is proteinuria?

Foam urine does not indicate that it must be proteinuria. Many people think that foaming in urine is caused by proteins, which is a good way to identify whether there is protein in urine, but it also needs to be classified. If the normal human urine contains some glucose or mineral salt, it will make the tension of the urine become stronger. When urinating, there will be some bubbles due to impact. In this case, the size of bubbles is different, uneven, and 1~2 minutes will disappear. This is a normal phenomenon, indicating that the urine bubble is not proteinuria.

Is there any proteinuria in the urine?

When urine is floating on the surface of a small layer of foam, and for a long time, then the possibility of proteinuria is very great, which suggests that the human kidney may be a problem. The best way to identify is to take a test tube for 20 milliliters of urine and shake it with your hands, such as small and persistent foam on the surface of urine, for suspected proteinuria. This situation needs to be checked in time.

When it comes to the diagnosis of urinary protein, two common items, routine urine examination and 24-hour urinary protein quantification, must be involved.

Urinary routine is a general examination. Urinary protein determination in urinary routine is qualitative and normal is negative. The increase is expressed by (+) to (+++), which is simple and convenient to test. However, urinary routine can only indicate the presence of urinary protein, and roughly estimate the content of urinary protein, while 24-hour urinary protein quantification can accurately determine the total amount of protein in all urine discharged within 24 hours, which can more accurately reflect the renal function of the subjects.

It can also be used as a basis for judging the severity of kidney injury, and is also conducive to the early treatment of diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease.

Clinically, hormones are commonly used to reduce protein, but traditional Chinese medicine therapy can also turn urinary protein negative. The role of traditional Chinese medicine lies in blocking excessive immune inflammation by improving the ischemic state of kidney cells and clearing up immune complexes, which can prevent kidney cells from continuing to damage and necrosis, fundamentally protect kidney function, block the process of renal fibrosis, so as to turn urinary protein negative and no longer relapse.

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