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Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

2012-09-11 13:58

According to an article written by Eric Yarnell in journal “Alternative and Complementary Therapies”, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) does help treat kidney disease or even Chronic Renal Failure. Meanwhile, some of the hospitals or clinics make claims that their Chinese medicines therapies are able to treat or even cure diverse kidney diseases. Truth is, TCM does help some patients get improvements, and it also worsens others’ illness condition. One thing you’d better bear in mind is that never be bewitched by a treatment or therapy that promises a cure or absolutely good. Why say that? Everything has two sides; traditional Chinese medicine is not an exception either.

In order to find the answer whether TCM works for kidney disease, one should better get a comprehensive understanding of traditional Chinese medicine in the first place. What is traditional Chinese medicine?

Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine therapy, those medicines recognized and adopted to treat various diseases are called TCM. Herbal medicines are found in the first place, and then animal medicines and mineral medicines followed.

How does it work? It is able to eliminate pathogenic factors and support genuine Qi; by regulating and mediating every channel in the body, Yin and Yang (similar to the so-called immune system by western medicine) can be balanced well. To make it easier to understand, TCM aims at dealing with one’s intrinsic immune system so as to boost immunity and avoid disease.

Medicated bath, acupuncture, massage, Qigong and others are all part of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese doctor. They are used to deal with not just kidney disease, but other illnesses.

TCM differs from western medicines, so this old therapy has its own incomparable advantages. It is more prone to focus on root causes instead of symptoms or complications. Therefore, its treatments would start from dealing with real culprit. In the case of treating kidney disease, TCM is good at regulating immune system, excreting metabolic products, relieving swelling and improving kidney function.

However, Chinese medicines take effect slowly and are bad at treating acute as well as serious cases. Other than this, its nephrotoxicity is well-known by us. Aristolochic acid is a typical example. According to a report in Belgium, 1993, 70 patients who used Chinese herbal medicines and got progressive interstitial fibrosis, and 30 of them progressed to ESRD in the end. Due to those events, MCA in United Kingdom has proposed a ban on aristolochic products forever. Certainly, this is not saying that all the traditional Chinese medicines would definitely cause renal damages or trigger kidney disease somehow, it is just a warning.

You might be shocked by Chinese medicines’ toxic and side effects to kidneys or liver. But don’t ever forget same things happen in western medicines too. Commonly used painkiller or antibiotics would induce kidney problems too. That’s why key problem is its dosage and application instead of what kind of drug you are using.

Okay, my point is what kind of medications or treatment you choose, you need to understand its pros and cons. Find a rich-experienced nephrologists instead of a random guy, you are able to expect something more when you are with a right doctor, a promising therapy and a professional hospital or clinic.

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