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Immunotherapy for Kidney Disease

2012-09-18 11:04

Kidney diseases are not easy to be treated. At the early stage, there are no obvious symptoms, which usually delays the best treatment time. When the illness condition develops into Renal Failure or Uremia, many patients will choose dialysis treatment or kidney transplant, which is the current situation of kidney diseases field.

What is the reason causing kidney disease?

After the innate immune system of human body is damaged, the adaptive immune system will be activated, which causes autoimmune inflammatory reaction overreacts. So it results in the damages to all kinds of organs and tissues, then various of diseases appear. Kidney diseases are the damages caused by the ultra immune inflammatory reaction in renal tissues.

At this time, Immunotherapy comes into being. It is such a therapy which aims to repair the damaged kidneys and rebuild the innate immune system of human body. It seems that Immunotherapy brings the new hope for kidney diseases patients. Immunotherapy includes six steps:

Immune diagnosis: Definite and correct diagnosis is the key to success. The purpose of immune diagnosis is to find the harmful elements that damages kidneys. Here some special checks need to be done, such as kidney damage series, uremia series, blood and urine location, circulating immune complex, complement, protein electrophoresis, lymph cell subgroup and so on.

Immune clearance: After these harmful substances are detected, at this step, we need to eliminate them through a combination of blood purification techniques. Materials with low molecule weight like creatinine, urea and uric acid can be eliminated through hemodialysis; the ones with middle molecule weight like PTH, IL-6, CysC, β2-Mg can be eliminated through hemofiltration; macromolecules like RBP, HCY can be eliminated through hemoperfusion. Besides these techniques, plasma exchange, immune adsorption, blood lipid evolution may be also needed.

Immune blocking: The purpose of immune blocking is to block the ultra inflammatory rection in the kidney area and avoid the kidneys getting further damages through immunosuppressive drugs.

Immune tolerance: Use the immunosuppressive drugs in small dosage regularly to make the kidneys adapt the immune complexes temporarily.

Immune adjustment: There are no western medicines can eliminate the immune complexes depositing on kidneys. However they can be removed out of body through traditional Chinese medicine. Here we recommend three ways used commonly in the clinical.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: through the functions of expanding blood vessels, anti inflammation, anti coagulation, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and degrade the immune complexes.

Medicated bath: inducing diaphoresis to eliminate pathogenic factor and supporting genuine Qi, improve the immunity, expel the circulation and metabolic product from skin.

Pedicure: doing the treatment by herb medicine through the acupoint of feet.

Immune protection: when the body is full of Genuine Qi, the pathogenic factor can not invade,otherwise,the pathogenic factors are excess the Genuine Qi will be weak. At this step, medicines that can eliminate pathogenic factor and support genuine Qi, relax muscles and tendons and activate collaterals will be used to help the human body recover and rebuild the innate immune system.

The clinical practice proves that patients are possible to avoid or get rid of dialysis treatment as long as their kidney function can be improved to about 30%. However, during the Immunotherapy, patients may also suffer from some side effects, such as the moon face, pilosity, central obesity, hypokalemia caused by the use of immunosuppressive drugs, and low blood pressure, headache, nausea, somnolence caused by dialysis treatment.

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