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Ayurvedic and kidney disease

2012-09-11 14:08

Ayurvedic is a Hindu system of traditional medicine; it is the major part of Indian traditional medicine and has been used to treat lots of diseases. Certainly, diverse kidney diseases are part of them. Not simply a treatment, Ayurvedic is more like a health regiment. It advocates treating disease by balancing the whole body system.

It is believed that this therapy could be able to treat kidney failure and other problems. By extracting some of the effective medicines, the therapy facilitates urine to flow. Toxins and wastes can be removed from the body when one could urinate.

Most of the ingredients for kidney disease of Ayurvedic are herbal medicines, such as radish leaves juice, watermelon, beetroot juice, figs, coconut juice, pulp and tomato juice etc. stay away from strong drinks such as coffee, alcohol, things of that sort. Don’t eat foods high in fat as well as carbohydrates.

The therapy takes a pretty long time until kidney disease patients get better. Frequency of dialysis could be prolonged and kidney function can be improved accordingly over time. Unlike westerns, once you receive Ayurvedic, to reduce or stop dialysis shouldn’t be your own decision anymore, instead, your doctor of Ayurvedic would call it.

Quite a good deal of westerners who are desperate for an alternative treatment finds Ayurvedic working. Therefore, this therapy is recognized as well as becomes popular in western countries. It did treat some of the patients, but side effects began to appear too.

Report revealed that many ayurveda products haven’t got tested in scientific studies and clinical trials. Safety concerns also have been raised in recent years with the finding about Ayurvedic medicines containing toxic levels such as heavy metals. Hence, this therapy poses serious health risks due to its heavy-metal contamination. Here’s a piece of tip for all those patients with kidney disease, talk the therapy over with your family doctor or attending doctor before adopting it, just for your own sake.

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