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Tumorous Interventional Micro-invasive Treatment

2015-04-07 16:07

This kind of therapy has five main features in treating tumor, the following are some details about them:

1. Less trauma

Skin incision is only about 2 mm;

2. Strong targeting

It can act on tumor directly without make much damage to the kidney tissues;

3. Quick recovery

Usually, the patient can do normal activity after the operation 12 hours and 5 to 7 days they can discharge from hospital;

4. Repeatable

It can be operated several times according to needed;

5. Cooperated

It can work with our high technologies together, such as for treating primary liver cancer, hepatic artery embolization were first introduced in to maximum the closed tumor blood vessels and then adopt argon helium cryogenic refrigeration technology, in a relatively short period of time, shrink the tumor volume and reduce tumor load, finally applying immune biological treatment, so as to achieve the integration of new high technology, modern medicine treatment of synergy, superposition, complementary advantages of the ideal effect.

Introduction of Tumorous Interventional Micro-invasive Treatment

Micro-Interventional Therapy is a modern high-tech minimally invasive treatment, under the guidance of medical imaging equipment, the special catheter, guide wire and other precision instruments will be introduced in to the patient’s body, thus to make diagnosis and treatment.

It’s biggest characteristic is that it can cure many kinds of diseases, such as Coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, tumor, hemangioma, all kinds of bleeding, vascular malformations without take operation.

In one word, this kind of therapy can cure the disease without surgery, what’s more, it has features such as less trauma, quick recovery and good curative effect.

Mechanism of this therapy

The treatment of Malignant tumor can be divided into Vascular interventional treatment and Non-vascular interventional treatment

Vascular interventional treatment

It mainly acts on the tumor blood feeding arteries, usually, it will inject the anti-cancer drugs into the tumour directly to kill the cancerous cells; or embolization of tumor blood supply arteries and blocking tumor nutrition supply, thus to shrink tumors volume; or applying those two ways at the same time, it can enforce the organic combination of anti-cancer drugs and embolic agents together into the target artery to block blood supply and kill the tumour tissues at the same time.

Non-vascular interventional treatment

Using many kinds of instruments, Non-vascular interventional treatment can make diagnosis and treatment under the guidance of medical image equipment such as X-ray, CT, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The treatments mainly including Percutaneous biopsy, tube cavity expansion and stent angioplasty, percutaneous puncture tumor internal medicine injection, percutaneous radiofrequency ablation electrode, etc.


Vascular interventional treatment mainly can be used in treating Lung cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and liver metastasis kyi, gastric cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, and pancreatic and duodenal tumor, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, extremitic maliglant tumour, etc.

Non-vascular interventional treatment mainly can be used in treating percutaneous live up solid tumor, lung cancer, liver cancer tumors, esophageal cancer esophageal stent placement and cholangiocarcinoma biliary stent implantation, etc


It can cure the disease without surgery, usually require only local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia, which reduces the risk. What’s more, it has the features of accurate positioning, slightly damage, quick recovery, good effect and low complication rate. Compared with Chemical Treatment, it has less complications, so it can, in the largest extent, to protect the normal organs. In addition, it has no much side-effects, so it can be used by most of the people.

It can be used in treating liver cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer gaze intently liver cancer, liver cancer, metastatic liver cancer, bile duct cancer, pelvic cancer, esophagus cancer and other cancers. It is also helpful in Non-neoplastic involvement cure, Tissue and organ biopsy, cyst sclerosis water, biliary drainage, narrow tube dilation, stenting ran through surgery, transjugular intrahepatic portal shunt and so on.

If you combine Chinese medicine with modern medicine in interventional radiology, oncology hyperthermia and physical therapy, it will be very helpful in treating various incurable diseases.


1. Keep balance nutrition

Cancer patients should pay attention to their diet, keep the diverse elements: carbohydrates, fats and protein intake to a reasonable proportion; eat less meat and more vegetarian, not excessive intake of fat and protein food; do not eat preserved foods, fried barbecue food, control salt intake, tobacco and alcohol, avoiding some of the carcinogens and cancer-promoting substances from the mouth into the room; the cooking should be steamed, stewed based.

In addition, the patients should keep a regular diet habit, do not eat too much or less food at one time, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables which is helpful in keeping nutrition balance. You’d better make yourself a 7 days or 10 days recipes, which can be effective in preventing cancer recurrence and metastasis.

2. Control your emotion

During the recovery period, patients should keep a positive attitude and form a healthy living habit. You can focus on the things you are interested in, such as reading, listening to music, writing, painting, raise flowers, breed fish, etc, thus to divert unhappiness and fear brought by disease.

Family members of patients should create a good living environment for them, which is helpful for their postoperative recovery. The patients should not make themselves too tired, so you can choose the moderate activity such as walking, tai chi and other appropriate activities to enhance the body's "righteousness" to improve against the "evil" capability.

Try your best to control your emotion, you know that the positive attitude can help you overcome the disease, so never let the bad mood affect you.

3. Keep regular checking

During the postoperative rehabilitation, patient should keep tracking to the tumor marker. Keep regular cancer markers and imaging studies can be the assessment basis of this disease and the curative effect, providing early detection and treatment for changing of tumor.

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