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The High Blood Pressure Is Acturally Caused By Uremia

2018-10-03 10:28

When you find that you have high blood pressures,and only take some medicines to control it ,but you don’t know the exact reason to lead to the high blood pressure, actually it is the result of uremia

In addition to blurred vision, early symptoms of uremia include edema, poor appetite and other related system performance:

First, edema. Because the kidney can not remove excess water from the body, the liquid stays in the interstitial space of the body. In the early stage, it only swells in the ankle and eyelids. It disappears after rest. If it develops into persistent or systemic edema, it is not ill.

Second, the amount of urine changes. Changes in urine volume due to decreased renal filtration function, some patients will gradually reduce urine volume as the course progresses. Even if the urine volume is normal, the amount of toxins in the urine is reduced, the quality is reduced, and the excess waste in the body cannot be discharged. Therefore, the urine volume cannot fully explain the function of the kidney.

Third, high blood pressure. Because the kidneys have sodium and drainage functions, sodium and water retention occur in the body when kidney function is impaired. In addition, the kidneys secrete substances that raise blood pressure. Therefore, uremia patients will have different degrees of hypertension in the early stage. If you have high blood pressure and the coagulation mechanism is poor, it may cause bleeding in the nose or gums. You should seek medical advice.

Fourth, poor appetite. This is due to the retention of urinary toxins, which affects digestive function. With the disease progresses, there will be abdominal discomfort discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and even increased stool frequency or loose stools. At this time, the disease is already heavy. In short, as long as you are vigilant, uremia can be detected early.

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