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You Should Know the Exact Reason Why Kidney Disease Is Hard To Treat

2018-12-13 09:55

Kidney disease is difficult to treat ,this is the evaluation of many kidney patients to it, there is no specific medicine, sooner or later lead to failure, this is the basis that a lot of people say, kidney disease is difficult to treat, in fact, kidney disease is difficult to treat is reflected in all aspects.

1. The disease itself

Nephropathy, no matter what kind of disease, is a slow deterioration, but through some medical means, continue to delay the process.Some pathology is light, individual is sensitive to hormone again, lifetime also did not arrive uremia.And some pathology is serious, be like lupus nephritis, candy kidney, the condition is controlled very hard, aggravate fast also, and some patient oneself are not sensitive to hormone, if meet not a good traditional Chinese medicine, so slowly the condition also deteriorated.

2, Diagnosis,

Some kidney friend goes to a hospital assay, check to see protein 3+, occult blood 2+, judge nephritis directly.Result medicine took two years to also do not see good.All nephropathy symptoms are mostly similar, if only look at protein, occult blood, blind medication, will largely occur misdiagnosis and mistreatment.So it's not surprising that it doesn't work for two years.Be sure to make a correct diagnosis before treatment.

Kidney biopsy is a good way of diagnosis, but because it is invasive examination, many kidney patients have concerns.

In addition, anti-phospholipase A2 receptor antibody can determine membranous nephropathy, but the accuracy is not as good as renal biopsy, urine protein component detection can also help determine the pathology, but the accuracy is lower.

Kidney patient should remember a bit: all tests have incorrect circumstance, in case of having contradictory word with clinical expression you should do diagnosis again.

3, Medical treatment

The current medical level is not enough and the distribution of medical resources is uneven.

The treatment of nephropathy cannot be separated from hormones and immunosuppressants at all. Over the years, there has been no significant improvement in the treatment methods.Every time patients look at the increasingly serious condition will look up to the sky and sigh, "when can the medical level be improved!"

Advances in medicine require constant research, trials, and clinical trials, which means long hours, energy, money, and high risk.And the disease is in aggravate ceaselessly, medical treatment level is met certainly lag behind disease condition.

In addition, it is the reason for the distribution of medical resources. The more developed the city is, the more relevant medical resources are available. For those nephropathy patients in remote counties, they either leave their hometown to see a doctor or wait quietly in the corner for the disease to erode the whole.

4, The doctor adopt conservative treatment, no merit but no fault

There are some methods that may have an effect on the treatment of diseases, and doctors dare not use them, because there is no clinical verification, afraid of something wrong.In the contemporary that the relation between doctor and patient is so intense additionally, dare not offend a patient easily more.

5. Causes of patients themselves

Oneself are not sensitive to hormone, change treatment plan back and forth, misbelieve quack doctor, do not insist on contraindication, suffer from wind cold infection medicaments to use improper wait for a factor, bring about illness to control all the time not good.

If use hormone to have no effect really, be inferior to seek breakthrough from this of traditional Chinese medicine, in case effective, nevertheless must must seek reliable 3 armour hospital or nephropathy hospital of specialized subject.Don't believe in a charlatan.

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