Golden cucumber – Narrative Text

Golden cucumber – Narrative Text

Golden cucumber - Narrative Text

Golden cucumber – Narrative Text

Golden cucumber

In ancient times a couple lived. They live in a village near the forest. They live happily. Unfortunately, they are not blessed with children.

Every day they pray to the Almighty. They pray that a child is immediately given. One day a giant came past his house. The monster heard her husband’s prayer. The monster then gave them cucumber seeds.

“Plant this seed. You will get a girl later,” said the giant. “Thank you, Giants,” said the husband, “but there are conditions, you must give it to me at the age of 17.” Giants said, “This husband really miss a son, so they choose without thinking twice too.

The farmer’s husband then planted cucumber seeds. Every day they take care of plants that start growing as best they can. A few months later, golden cucumbers grow.

Cucumbers grow longer and heavier. When the fruit is ripe, remove it. They cut the fruit carefully. To their surprise, they found in the fruit a very beautiful little girl. Her husband is very happy. They called Timun Mas’s baby.

Year after year passed. Cucumber Mas grows into a beautiful girl. Both parents are very proud of him. But they became very worried. Because on Team Mas’s 17th birthday, the giant returned. The monster promised to take Timun Mas.

The farmer tried to calm down. “Wait a minute. Cucumber Mas plays. My wife will call him,” he said, and the farmer immediately saw his son. “My son, take this,” he said, handing him a sack. he said. Then Timun Mas immediately ran away.

Her husband was sad about the departure of Timun Mas. But they did not want his son to become a monster. Monsters wait a long time. He became impatient. He knew she was cheated by her husband. Then he destroyed the farmer’s cottage. Then he chased Timun Mas into the forest.

The monster immediately ran after Timun Mas. Monster approaching. Cucumber Mas immediately took a handful of salt from his sack. Then salt is poured over the giant. Suddenly a large sea spread. Monsters have to swim hard.

Timun Mas is walking again. But then the Giants almost succeeded. Timun Mas took the magical item from his pocket. He took a handful of chilies. He threw it at the monster. Soon a tree with sharp branches and thorns caught the giants. The monster screamed in pain. While Cucumber Mas ran to save himself.

But the giant is really strong. He wants to catch Timun Mas again. Then Timun Mas produced a third miracle. It spreads cucumber seeds magic. Immediately build a very large cucumber garden. The monsters are very tired and hungry. He even eats fresh cucumbers with amazing taste. The monster sleeps when it eats too much.

Cucumber Mas ran back. He ran with all his strength. But over time, he ran out of energy. This is worse because the giants wake up from sleep. The monster wants to catch it again. Cucumber Mas is very scared. He even threw his last weapon, a handful of shrimp. Miracles happen again. Wide muddy lake flows. The monster slipped inside. His hand wants to reach Timun Mas. But the lake is muddy to the bottom. Big panic. He could not breathe and drown.

Mas cucumber is relieved. That is safe. Cucumber Mas returned to his parents’ house. Mother and Father are very happy to see Cun Mas. They welcomed him. “Thank you, Lord. You saved my child,” they said happily.

Since then Timun Mas has been able to live in peace with his parents. You can live happily without fear.

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Folklore Legend of Sangkuriang – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Sangkuriang – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Sangkuriang - Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Sangkuriang – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Sangkuriang

In ancient times, in West Java there lived a king’s daughter named Dayang Sumbi. He has a son named Sangkuriang. That kid is very fond of hunting in the Forrest. Every hunt, he was always accompanied by a beloved dog named Tumang. Tumang is actually the incarnation of a god, and also Sangkuriang’s biological father, but Sangkuriang does not know that and his mother is deliberately keeping it a secret.

One day, as usual Sangkuriang went to the forest to hunt. After arriving in the forest, Sangkuriang began looking for game. He saw a bird perched on a branch, then without thinking Sangkuriang immediately shot him, and hit the target. Sangkuriang then ordered Tumang to chase the prey earlier, but the Tumang said nothing and did not want to follow Sangkuriang’s orders. Because he was very annoyed with Tumang, Sangkuriang then expelled Tumang and was not allowed to go home with him anymore.

Arriving at home, Sangkuriang told the incident to his mother. Upon hearing the story from his son, Dayang Sumbi was very angry. He took a spoon of rice, and hit the head Sangkuriang. Feeling disappointed with his mother’s treatment, Sangkuriang decided to go wandering, and left his house.

After that incident, Dayang Sumbi deeply regretted her actions. He prayed every day, and asked that one day he could meet his son again. Because of the sincerity of the Sumbi Dayang prayer, Dewa gave him a gift of eternal beauty and a young age forever.

After years of Sangkuriang wandering, he finally intends to return to his hometown. When he got there, he was very surprised, because his hometown had changed completely. Sangkuriang’s joy increased when he was on the way to meet a very beautiful woman, who was none other than Dayang Sumbi. Because fascinated by her beauty, Sangkuriang immediately proposed. Finally Sangkuriang’s application was received by Dayang Sumbi, and agreed to get married in the near future. One day, Sangkuriang asked permission of his future wife to hunt on hatan. Before leaving, he asked Dayang Sumbi to tighten and tidy up his boat. How surprised Dayang Sumbi was, because when she tidied up Sangkuriang’s headband, she saw a scar. That scar it seems like with his son’s scar. After asking Sangkuriang about the cause of the wound, Dayang Sumbi grew more surprised, because it was true that her future husband was her own child.

Dayang Sumbi was very confused, because she could not possibly marry her own child. After Sangkuriang returned from hunting, Dayang Sumbi tried to talk to Sangkuriang, so Sangkuriang canceled their wedding plans. Dayang Sumbi’s request was not approved by Sangkuriang, and was only considered wind.

Every day, Dayang Sumbi thinks how to make their marriage never happen. After thinking hard, Dayang Sumbi finally found the best way. He proposed two conditions to Sangkuriang. If Sangkuriang can fulfill both conditions, Dayang Sumbi wants to be his wife, but if he fails then the marriage will be canceled. The first requirement is that Dayang Sumbi wants the Citarum river to be dammed. And the second is, asking Sangkuriang to make a very large canoe to cross the river. The second condition that must diselesai before dawn.

Sangkuriang agreed to the two Dayang Sumbi’s requests, and promised to finish them before dawn. With his supernatural powers, Sangkuriang then mobilized his friends from the genie to help complete the task. Secretly, Dayang Sumbi peeked at the work of Sangkuriang. How surprised he was, because Sangkuriang had almost completed all the conditions given by Dayang Sumbi before dawn.

Dayang Sumbi then asked for help from the surrounding community to spread a red silk cloth in the east of the city. When he saw the reddish color in the east of the city, Sangkuriang thought that it was already morning. Sangkuriang immediately stopped his work and felt unable to meet the requirements proposed by Dayang Sumbi.

With annoyance and disappointment, Sangkuriang then broke down the dam he had made himself. Because of the breakdown of the dam, there was a flood and the entire city was flooded. Sangkuriang also kicked the big boat he had made. The boat flew and fell face down, then became a mountain called Tangkuban Perahu.

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Folklore Legend of Roro Jonggrang – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Roro Jonggrang – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Roro Jonggrang - Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Roro Jonggrang – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Roro Jonggrang

Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a big kingdom called Prambanan. The people live in peace and security. But what happened next? The Prambanan Kingdom was attacked and colonized by the Pengging country. The peace of the Prambanan Kingdom was disturbed. The soldiers were unable to deal with the Pengging forces’ attack. Finally, the Prambanan kingdom was ruled by Pengging, and was led by Bandung Bondowoso.

Bandung Bondowoso is a ruthless boss. “Anyone who does not obey my orders will be severely punished!” Bandung Bondowoso told his people. Bandung Bondowoso is a magician and has an army of jinn. Not long after being in power, Bandung Bondowoso liked to observe the movements of Loro Jonggrang, the beautiful daughter of Raja Prambanan. “Beautiful princess nian. I want him to be my queen, “thought Bandung Bondowoso.

The next day, Bondowoso approached Roro Jonggrang. “You are very beautiful, would you be my queen?” Ask Bandung Bondowoso to Roro Jonggrang. Roro Jonggrang gasped, listening to Bondowoso’s question. “This man is so presumptuous, he doesn’t know me right away, he wants me to be his queen,” Loro Jongrang told himself. “What should I do ?”. Roro Jonggrang became confused. His mind was spinning. If he refuses, then Bandung Bondowoso will be furious and endanger his family and the people of Prambanan. It’s not possible to say yes, because Loro Jonggrang really doesn’t like Bandung Bondowoso.

“How is it, Roro Jonggrang?” Urged Bondowoso. Finally, Roro Jonggrang got an idea. “I am willing to be your wife, but there are conditions,” he said. “What are the conditions? Want abundant wealth? Or a magnificent palace? “. “That’s not it, my lord, said Roro Jonggrang. I ask a temple, the total must one thousands. “A thousand pieces?” Bondowoso shouted. “Yes, and the temple must be finished overnight.” Bandung Bondowoso looked at Roro Jonggrang, his lips trembling in anger. Since then Bandung Bondowoso has thought about how to make 1000 temples. Finally he asked his advisors. “I believe my master can make the temple with the help of Jin!”, Said the adviser. “Yes, that’s right your suggestion, prepare the equipment I need!”

After the equipment is prepared. Bandung Bondowoso stands in front of the stone altar. Both arms spread wide. “Genies, help me!” He shouted in a thunderous voice. Shortly thereafter, the sky became dark. The wind howled. A moment later, the Jinn troops had surrounded Bandung Bondowoso. “What should we do, sir?” Asked the genie leader. “Help me build a thousand temples,” begged Bandung Bondowoso. The jinn immediately moved to and fro, carrying out their respective duties. In a short time the temple building was composed of nearly one thousand pieces.

Meanwhile, Roro Jonggrang quietly watched from a distance. He was worried, knowing that Bondowoso was assisted by jinn troops. “Wow, how is this?”, Said Roro Jonggrang silently. He is looking for reason. He ordered the royal ladies to gather and be assigned to collect straw. “Hurry and burn all the straw!” Ordered Roro Jonggrang. Some other ladies were told to pound mortar. Dung … dung … dung! A tinge of red emanated into the sky accompanied by the noise of the hustle and bustle, so it was like a dawn.

The jinns thought it was dawn. “Wow, the sun will rise!” Cried the genie. “We must leave immediately before our bodies are scorched by the sun,” continued another genie. The demons scrambled to left that place. Bandung Bondowoso was surprised to see the genie panic.

In the morning, Bandung Bondowoso invited Roro Jonggrang to the temple site. “The temple you asked for is already standing!” Roro Jonggrang immediately counted the number of temples. Apparently the number is only 999! “There’s less than one!” Exclaimed Loro Jonggrang. “That means you have failed to meet the requirements that I put forward”. Bandung Bondowoso was surprised to learn of the shortcomings. He became very angry. “It’s impossible …” Bondowoso said, staring intently at Roro Jonggrang. “Then you complete it!” He said while pointing his finger at Roro Jonggrang. Wonderful! Roro Jonggrang immediately turned into a stone statue. Until now these temples still exist and are located in the Prambanan region, Central Java and are called Roro Jonggrang Temple.

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Folklore Legend Cindelaras – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend Cindelaras – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend Cindelaras - Narrative Text

Folklore Legend Cindelaras – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend Cindelaras

Raden Putra is the king of the kingdom of Jenggala. She has a beautiful queen and concubine. Unlike a queen, concubines have bad personalities. He was jealous and jealous of the queen, so he planned to make the queen leave the palace. The concubine then asked the royal healer to help him in his plans. One day, the concubine pretended to be sick. Raden Putra is called the royal healer to provide concubine care. “What is illness? “Raden Putra asked the royal healer. “I am very sorry, my highness. She is sick because the queen put poison in her food, “the royal healer lied.

Raden Putra was shocked and angry at the explanation. She is called the queen and asks if the story is true. Of course the Queen denied, but Raden Putra would not listen. “Please Your Honor, have mercy. I really did nothing, “the queen shouted in her tears. Raden Putra’s anger ended with a decision. The queen must be thrown into the forest and stopped. He did not know that the queen was pregnant. Raden Putra ordered one of his generals to carry out the punishment. The queen was banished to the forest, but the wise general could not bear to kill her. He built a simple house in the forest for her. On his way back to the palace, he smeared his sword with rabbit blood, so Raden Putra would believe that he had killed the queen.

After the general left, the queen lives alone in the forest. A few months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The baby was given the name Cindelaras. He was raised as a good, healthy, and handsome boy. One day, while Cindelaras helped her mother to collect some forest fires, an eagle dropped an egg. Cindelaras brought eggs to brood by chickens behind their home. The eggs hatch into chickens and then slowly become strong roosters. Chicken is an ordinary chicken. Chickens can sing. Every morning, Cindelaras’s chicken wakes up with a beautiful song, “My lord is Cindelaras. His house is in the forest. He is the son of Raden Putra. “Chickens often sing the song.

Cindelaras always gets up early and listens happily to his chicken song. He did not realize the meaning of the song until one day, he began to think. “Who is Raden Putra? “He asked his mother. The queen then tells the whole story. He also told him why they were banned from the kingdom and lived in the forest. Cindelaras was very surprised. He decided to go to the palace to meet the king, his father. Cindelaras asked his mother’s permission to go to the kingdom and tell the king what had really happened. He also carries his rooster which grows bigger and stronger every day.

On his way, Cindelaras stopped at a village. There, he met some people who were involved in cockfighting. They challenged him to see how strong his rooster was. “If you win your chicken, you will get a prize,” said the man who challenged him. Cindelaras accepted the challenge. Within minutes, his rooster defeated the opposing chicken. He was challenged again by another man, and once again, his cock won. He won again and again.
News of the Cindelaras chicken quickly spread throughout the Jenggala kingdom and made Raden Putra curious. So, he invited Cindelaras to the palace. “What’s your name, boy? “Ask Raden Putra as Cindelaras arrived at the palace. “My name is Cindelaras, Your Honor,” answered Cindelaras. He felt both happy and happy to see Raden Putra.

Raden Putra challenged Cindelaras on one condition. If Raden Putra’s chicken wins, Cindelaras kepala’s head will be cut off. But if Cindelaras’ chicken wins, Raden Putra will share half of his wealth. Cindelaras accepted the condition. This competition is held in the front yard of the palace. The two roosters fought bravely. But in just a few minutes, Cindelaras’ chicken won the fight! Raden Putra shook his head and looked at Cindelaras from his seat, “That rooster was not an ordinary chicken, and the child was not a good ordinaty child. Who he really is ? “He thought. Raden Putra was about to ask when suddenly Cindelaras’ chicken sang the song, “My lord is Cindelaras. His house is in the forest. He is the son of Raden Putra. “

Raden Putra was surprised. ” Is that true? “He asked. “Yes, I am His Majesty. My name is Cindelaras and my mother is the queen, “said Cindelaras. Raden’s son is called the general who has been banished by the queen. The general later confessed that he had never killed the queen. Then, the royal healer also admitted his mistake. Raden Putra was very surprised. He immediately went to the forest to get the queen. Since then, Cindelaras and his parents have lived happily together. As for concubines, he was sent to prison as punishment.

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Lake Toba Folklore – Narrative Text

Lake Toba Folklore – Narrative Text

Lake Toba Folklore - Narrative Text

Lake Toba Folklore – Narrative Text

Lake Toba Folklore – In the Sumatra region there lived a farmer who was very diligent in working. He lived alone. Every day he works working on lading and fishing without tiring. This is done to meet their daily needs.

One day the farmer went to the river near his residence, he intended to find fish for his side dishes today. Armed only with a hook, bait and place of fish, he went straight to the river. Once when he got in the river, the farmer immediately threw the hook. While waiting for the hook to be eaten by the fish, the farmer prayed, “Oh, God, I hope I get a lot of fish today”. A few moments after praying, the hook he threw earlier seemed to shake. He immediately pulled the hook. The farmer was very happy, because the fish he got was very big and very beautiful.

After a while watching the fish caught, the farmer was very surprised. It turned out that the fish he caught could talk. “Please don’t eat it, sir !! Let me live “, the fish shouted. Without a lot of Tanya, the catch fish was immediately returned to the water again. After returning the fish to the water, the farmer was even more surprised, because suddenly the fish turned into a very beautiful woman.

“Don’t be afraid, sir, I won’t hurt you,” said the fish. “Who are you? Aren’t you a fish ?, asked the farmer. “I am a cursed princess, for violating royal rules,” answered the woman. “Thank you for freeing me from that curse, and in return I am willing to make you a wife,” said the woman. The farmer agreed. So be them husband and wife. However, there is one promise that has been agreed upon, namely that they should not tell the Princess about the origin of a fish. If the promise is broken there will be a terrible disaster.

After a while they got married, finally the happiness of the farmer and his wife increased, because the farmer’s wife gave birth to a baby boy. Their child grew up to be a very handsome and strong child, but there was a habit that surprised everyone. The child always feels hungry, and never feels full. All food rations devoured without leftovers.

Until one day, the farmer’s son got an assignment from his mother to deliver food and drinks to the rice fields where his father was working. But the task is not fulfilled. All the food that was supposed to be for his father was eaten up, and after that he slept in a hut. The peasant is waiting for his son to come, holding his thirst and hunger. Because he could not stand hunger, he immediately went home. On the way home, the farmer saw his son sleeping in a hut. The farmer immediately woke him up. “Hey, wake up, the farmer shouted.

After his son woke up, the farmer immediately asked his food. “Where is the food for father?” Asked the farmer. “I’ve finished eating,” said the child. With a high note the farmer immediately scolded his son. “Children don’t know how to get lucky! I don’t know myself! You little fish, “said the farmer, unknowingly saying his wife’s taboo.

After the farmer uttered these words, his son and wife instantly disappeared without trace and trace. From the footprints on his feet, water suddenly bursts out with torrential water. Water overflowed so high and wide that it formed a lake. And finally formed a lake. The lake was finally known as Lake Toba.