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Folklore Legend Cindelaras – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend Cindelaras – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend Cindelaras - Narrative Text
Folklore Legend Cindelaras – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend Cindelaras

Raden Putra is the king of the kingdom of Jenggala. She has a beautiful queen and concubine. Unlike a queen, concubines have bad personalities. He was jealous and jealous of the queen, so he planned to make the queen leave the palace. The concubine then asked the royal healer to help him in his plans. One day, the concubine pretended to be sick. Raden Putra is called the royal healer to provide concubine care. “What is illness? “Raden Putra asked the royal healer. “I am very sorry, my highness. She is sick because the queen put poison in her food, “the royal healer lied.

Raden Putra was shocked and angry at the explanation. She is called the queen and asks if the story is true. Of course the Queen denied, but Raden Putra would not listen. “Please Your Honor, have mercy. I really did nothing, “the queen shouted in her tears. Raden Putra’s anger ended with a decision. The queen must be thrown into the forest and stopped. He did not know that the queen was pregnant. Raden Putra ordered one of his generals to carry out the punishment. The queen was banished to the forest, but the wise general could not bear to kill her. He built a simple house in the forest for her. On his way back to the palace, he smeared his sword with rabbit blood, so Raden Putra would believe that he had killed the queen.

After the general left, the queen lives alone in the forest. A few months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The baby was given the name Cindelaras. He was raised as a good, healthy, and handsome boy. One day, while Cindelaras helped her mother to collect some forest fires, an eagle dropped an egg. Cindelaras brought eggs to brood by chickens behind their home. The eggs hatch into chickens and then slowly become strong roosters. Chicken is an ordinary chicken. Chickens can sing. Every morning, Cindelaras’s chicken wakes up with a beautiful song, “My lord is Cindelaras. His house is in the forest. He is the son of Raden Putra. “Chickens often sing the song.

Cindelaras always gets up early and listens happily to his chicken song. He did not realize the meaning of the song until one day, he began to think. “Who is Raden Putra? “He asked his mother. The queen then tells the whole story. He also told him why they were banned from the kingdom and lived in the forest. Cindelaras was very surprised. He decided to go to the palace to meet the king, his father. Cindelaras asked his mother’s permission to go to the kingdom and tell the king what had really happened. He also carries his rooster which grows bigger and stronger every day.

On his way, Cindelaras stopped at a village. There, he met some people who were involved in cockfighting. They challenged him to see how strong his rooster was. “If you win your chicken, you will get a prize,” said the man who challenged him. Cindelaras accepted the challenge. Within minutes, his rooster defeated the opposing chicken. He was challenged again by another man, and once again, his cock won. He won again and again.
News of the Cindelaras chicken quickly spread throughout the Jenggala kingdom and made Raden Putra curious. So, he invited Cindelaras to the palace. “What’s your name, boy? “Ask Raden Putra as Cindelaras arrived at the palace. “My name is Cindelaras, Your Honor,” answered Cindelaras. He felt both happy and happy to see Raden Putra.

Raden Putra challenged Cindelaras on one condition. If Raden Putra’s chicken wins, Cindelaras kepala’s head will be cut off. But if Cindelaras’ chicken wins, Raden Putra will share half of his wealth. Cindelaras accepted the condition. This competition is held in the front yard of the palace. The two roosters fought bravely. But in just a few minutes, Cindelaras’ chicken won the fight! Raden Putra shook his head and looked at Cindelaras from his seat, “That rooster was not an ordinary chicken, and the child was not a good ordinaty child. Who he really is ? “He thought. Raden Putra was about to ask when suddenly Cindelaras’ chicken sang the song, “My lord is Cindelaras. His house is in the forest. He is the son of Raden Putra. “

Raden Putra was surprised. ” Is that true? “He asked. “Yes, I am His Majesty. My name is Cindelaras and my mother is the queen, “said Cindelaras. Raden’s son is called the general who has been banished by the queen. The general later confessed that he had never killed the queen. Then, the royal healer also admitted his mistake. Raden Putra was very surprised. He immediately went to the forest to get the queen. Since then, Cindelaras and his parents have lived happily together. As for concubines, he was sent to prison as punishment.

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