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Folklore Legend of Roro Jonggrang – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Roro Jonggrang – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Roro Jonggrang - Narrative Text
Folklore Legend of Roro Jonggrang – Narrative Text

Folklore Legend of Roro Jonggrang

Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a big kingdom called Prambanan. The people live in peace and security. But what happened next? The Prambanan Kingdom was attacked and colonized by the Pengging country. The peace of the Prambanan Kingdom was disturbed. The soldiers were unable to deal with the Pengging forces’ attack. Finally, the Prambanan kingdom was ruled by Pengging, and was led by Bandung Bondowoso.

Bandung Bondowoso is a ruthless boss. “Anyone who does not obey my orders will be severely punished!” Bandung Bondowoso told his people. Bandung Bondowoso is a magician and has an army of jinn. Not long after being in power, Bandung Bondowoso liked to observe the movements of Loro Jonggrang, the beautiful daughter of Raja Prambanan. “Beautiful princess nian. I want him to be my queen, “thought Bandung Bondowoso.

The next day, Bondowoso approached Roro Jonggrang. “You are very beautiful, would you be my queen?” Ask Bandung Bondowoso to Roro Jonggrang. Roro Jonggrang gasped, listening to Bondowoso’s question. “This man is so presumptuous, he doesn’t know me right away, he wants me to be his queen,” Loro Jongrang told himself. “What should I do ?”. Roro Jonggrang became confused. His mind was spinning. If he refuses, then Bandung Bondowoso will be furious and endanger his family and the people of Prambanan. It’s not possible to say yes, because Loro Jonggrang really doesn’t like Bandung Bondowoso.

“How is it, Roro Jonggrang?” Urged Bondowoso. Finally, Roro Jonggrang got an idea. “I am willing to be your wife, but there are conditions,” he said. “What are the conditions? Want abundant wealth? Or a magnificent palace? “. “That’s not it, my lord, said Roro Jonggrang. I ask a temple, the total must one thousands. “A thousand pieces?” Bondowoso shouted. “Yes, and the temple must be finished overnight.” Bandung Bondowoso looked at Roro Jonggrang, his lips trembling in anger. Since then Bandung Bondowoso has thought about how to make 1000 temples. Finally he asked his advisors. “I believe my master can make the temple with the help of Jin!”, Said the adviser. “Yes, that’s right your suggestion, prepare the equipment I need!”

After the equipment is prepared. Bandung Bondowoso stands in front of the stone altar. Both arms spread wide. “Genies, help me!” He shouted in a thunderous voice. Shortly thereafter, the sky became dark. The wind howled. A moment later, the Jinn troops had surrounded Bandung Bondowoso. “What should we do, sir?” Asked the genie leader. “Help me build a thousand temples,” begged Bandung Bondowoso. The jinn immediately moved to and fro, carrying out their respective duties. In a short time the temple building was composed of nearly one thousand pieces.

Meanwhile, Roro Jonggrang quietly watched from a distance. He was worried, knowing that Bondowoso was assisted by jinn troops. “Wow, how is this?”, Said Roro Jonggrang silently. He is looking for reason. He ordered the royal ladies to gather and be assigned to collect straw. “Hurry and burn all the straw!” Ordered Roro Jonggrang. Some other ladies were told to pound mortar. Dung … dung … dung! A tinge of red emanated into the sky accompanied by the noise of the hustle and bustle, so it was like a dawn.

The jinns thought it was dawn. “Wow, the sun will rise!” Cried the genie. “We must leave immediately before our bodies are scorched by the sun,” continued another genie. The demons scrambled to left that place. Bandung Bondowoso was surprised to see the genie panic.

In the morning, Bandung Bondowoso invited Roro Jonggrang to the temple site. “The temple you asked for is already standing!” Roro Jonggrang immediately counted the number of temples. Apparently the number is only 999! “There’s less than one!” Exclaimed Loro Jonggrang. “That means you have failed to meet the requirements that I put forward”. Bandung Bondowoso was surprised to learn of the shortcomings. He became very angry. “It’s impossible …” Bondowoso said, staring intently at Roro Jonggrang. “Then you complete it!” He said while pointing his finger at Roro Jonggrang. Wonderful! Roro Jonggrang immediately turned into a stone statue. Until now these temples still exist and are located in the Prambanan region, Central Java and are called Roro Jonggrang Temple.

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